Preventative Dentistry 

Gone are the days of toothless smiles and sensitive teeth. Here at Tooth Sparkler, we specialise in preventative dentistry so that you can achieve great oral hygiene minus the stressful emergency repairs. Our customised preventative care plan is an easy and manageable way to prevent any oncoming dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. We take the time to find out about you and your teeth, reviewing your oral hygiene routine with every visit to make sure your customised plan works for you.

Visiting us for regular examinations and cleans also allows for early detection if any issues do pop up, preventing the minor problems from turning into major (expensive) ones. Our dentists recommend making your next preventative care appointment as soon as you’ve finished the last, as well as booking in periodic x-rays every few years to everything going on under your gums in check.

Hygiene and maintenance are the two most important factors affecting your pearly whites, and when you prevent, there is no need to cure. Combining this approach with good oral hygiene habits and a sensible diet will keep you drinking iced cold drinks on a hot summer’s day, pain-free!