Our mission

The Tooth Sparkler mission is to:

  • offer our patients the very best dental care and provide exceptional, prompt patient service by working together with our patients to holistically improve oral health, functionality and cosmetic appearance that enhances nutrition, confidence and quality of life.
  • provide our patients safe, long-lasting, and comfortable dental care by relying on proven diagnostic technology, effective treatment planning and high quality dental materials.
  • empower our patients to make knowledgeable decisions concerning their oral health and treatment options by nurturing relationships with our patients built on honesty, trust and integrity with an emphasis placed in education

Our vision

At Tooth Sparkler, it is our vision to:

  • exceed our patients’ expectations in every way possible.
  • maintain a modern, safe environment where dentists, hygienists and staff practice as a team to communicate and advance the quality of dental care our patients receive.
  • make significant differences in our patients’ personal and/or professional life by having understood and respected each patients’ oral health goals and exceeded their expectation of us.
  •  create a happy and positive working environment that values ongoing learning and shared knowledge.

Our core values

  • Respect – Act with respect toward every person we encounter.
  • Accountability – Be accountable to the people we care for and those we work with.
  • Integrity – Adhere to high ethical and professional standards, demonstrating commitment to our responsibilities with trust, honesty and respect for all.
  • Learning – We believe learning is fundamental to human flourishing and strive to support learning opportunities on every front. When faced with a choice to learn something new, we will choose to learn, to grow and to better ourselves. We teach each other and actively learn something from one another and our patient interactions.
  • Openness – A culture of open communication that fosters a sense of community.
  • Joyfulness – We believe in joy and its power to bring positiveness to the team and the workplace.