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Take Home Tooth Whitening

You have been supplied with a dentist-supervised take-home whitening system.

Your kit includes:

  • Custom made trays and storage box
  • Whitening gel in syringes
  • Tooth mousse


Peroxide gel (Hydrogen or Carbamide) has been shown to remove internal colours from teeth across all age groups. Peroxide is a strong oxidising agent. Whitening occurs when the peroxide penetrates the enamel and dentine of the tooth, oxidising the offending stains within the tooth.

Because restorative materials/fillings (eg composites, crowns and veneers) will not whiten, we recommend replacing these restorations to the new lighter shade.

How to use the Whitening Gel

It is important to brush your teeth and floss before whitening. The whitening gel works better on a clean surface

Put a reasonable amount of gel on the whitening tray. Avoid putting too much gel because it could irritate the gums. Remove excess gel with finger or a soft brush.

Leave it in the mouth for 1 – 2 hours.

When you are finished with the entire whitening process, place any remaining whitening gel syringes in the refrigerator to extend the shelf-life.

How to care for trays

Avoid pulling/tugging on the tray when removing from the mouth. It could tear the tray.

Brush the inside and outside part of the tray with a soft toothbrush and soap after every use.

Place the tray in the storage case provided to avoid damaging or losing them.

Store the trays away from heat and avoid washing them with hot water. Heat will distort the trays.

At least once a week, soak the trays in a denture cleanser.

Sensitivity is common

Use Sensodyne tooth paste and/ or tooth mouse a week prior and during whitening.

Avoid stimulus such as air, cold drinks, acidic foods etc.


Crowns and other tooth-coloured restorations do not respond to whitening, and may require alteration or replacement to match whitened tooth shades.

White spots may develop and the area of the teeth near the gumline will appear darker, but this will even out once whitening is finished.

Avoid caffeinated drinks, staining foods and smoking during the whitening process to optimize the results.

Keep the trays in a safe place. You can use them again in the future. Majority of patients do have some relapse in tooth colour.

With any problems or concerns please do not hesitate to call us on 9971 6134.