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New patient consultation

first dental examination

When you first come and see us, your New Patient Consultation will last for 60 minutes. During that time, you might be surprised at how much we listen. We will talk to you about how you feel about your oral health and what your oral health goals are. As well as a comprehensive initial dental examination, we’ll ask you to complete our detailed health check questionnaire. This will give us all the information we need to tailor your individual oral health plan to your specific needs and goals. You can fill in your Medical History Form here.

We look at more than just teeth!

When we do examine you, you’ll find that we don’t just look at your teeth. We will examine the hard and soft tissues in your whole mouth, including your gums and the structure of your smile.

Of course, if you do come to us because you are in pain, we’ll deal with the problem first and then take the time to chat!

Adult check up at Tooth Sparkler

What is included?

Your New Patient Consultation will include:

  • Health check questionnaire
  • Soft tissue examination
  • Hard tissue examination
  • Gum health assessment
  • Jaw and bite check
  • X-Rays if required
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Treatment plan discussion

Our preventative dentistry focus

We focus on preventative dentistry because we believe in stopping problems before they start.

This starts from Day One in your initial examination.

Planning ahead

The last stage of your new patient consultation will be to plan your next check-up and clean. We always ask patients to do this at the end of their last appointment. This is because we have found that regular check-up and clean appointments are one of the most critical aspects of looking after your teeth and making sure you keep that bright beautiful smile you leave our practice with for many years to come.

Are you in pain

If you are experiencing facial swelling, unmanageable pain or dental trauma, please go directly to Royal North Shore Hospital for emergency evaluation.

Otherwise, give the practice a call for further advice.

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